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Android app u love that are killing your smartphone

It’s a known fact that smartphones get slower with
use and this is caused by installed apps. While
these apps may be useful and hard to do away
with, the negative effects they have on our devices
can make one consider removing them. For
instance, Facebook is one app almost everyone
has but it’s one of the most power-hungry Android
apps ever.
AVG, an anti-virus maker, recently released a list
of apps you should probably consider uninstalling
from your device. It’s a huge list containing most
of our favorite apps and games.
Top 10 performance draining apps run at startup
These apps automatically start running the
moment you boot your device and as expected,
Facebook tops the list here followed by Google
Play Service. Blackberry Messenger and Instagram
too make the list. It’s interesting seeing four
Facebook apps (Facebook, Messenger, Facebook
Pages Manager and Instagram) on this list. Are
you willing to do away with these apps to boost
your device performance? I doubt that.
Top 10 performance draining apps run by user
These apps too are performance killers but unlike
the ones listed above, they do not run
automatically. They will never be initiated unless
you run the apps and they do not run in the
Top 10 battery drainers run at startup
If you have these apps installed, they may be
draining your battery even if you don’t use them
all the time. They automatically start running the
moment you boot your device. Again, your
favorites apps (Facebook, Messenger, BBM and
WhatsApp) make the list.
Top 10 battery drainers run by user
Top 10 data traffic hogs run at startup
These are the top apps that contribute the most to
your monthly internet bill. If you realize you’re
exhausting your allocated data bundle before
expiry almost every time, these apps may be
Top 10 data traffic hogs run by user
These apps too contribute heavily to your data
usage but unlike the ones above that automatically
start running when you turn on your device, these
apps are usually started by the user.
Top 10 performance draining games
Top 10 storage eaters run at startup
Top 10 storage eaters run by user
This list highlights some apps we already suspect
but then, you shouldn’t go ahead uninstalling
these apps because AVG says they’re bad for your
phone. Some of the listed apps are actually system
applications which your device depends on to
properly function.
It’s also worth mentioning that your phone might
be equivalent to nothing but a piece of brick
without some of these apps. Who wants to
uninstall WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and BBM
Facebook Twitter Goog

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