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Buhari should educate technical chief

We must continue to educate the Technical Chief Justice of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari. Let all the jollof rice eaters draw his attention to this case. Chief Emeka Ojukwu V. Federal Military Government of Lagos State 1985. Intro- it is not news that the abandoned property thing took place in Lagos. Do not be fooled by the Lagos Media who made it look like it was an Ijaw or ikwerre thing. David Mark oversaw that evil deed. The above decision therefore was part of the issues decided in the case filed by the ex biafran lord against the military government of Lagos State to recover his properties, wherein the executive military governor failed to comply with the orders of the court which prompted chief F.R.A Williams, counsel to Ojukwu to enter a preliminaru objection. Whatever was said in this case is what buhari is all about. Point of note is that it was not said by me. Chief Williams emphasised the deliberate disobedience of the order of the Court of Appeal by the Lagos State Government and that that Government was in contempt of the Court of Appeal. Held: I think it is a very serious matter for anyone to flout a positive order of a court and proceed to taunt the Court further by seeking a remedy in a higher court while still in contempt of the lower court. It is more serious when the act of flouting the order of the court, the contempt of the court, is by the Executive. Under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1979, the Executive, the Legislative (while it lasts) and the Judiciary are equal partners in the running of a successful government. The powers granted by the Constitution to these organs by s.4 (Legislative powers) s.5 (executive powers) and s.6 (judicial powers) are classified under an omnibus umbrella known under Part 11 to the Constitution as “Powers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”. The organs wield those powers and one must never exist in sabotage of the other or else there is chaos. Indeed there will be no federal government. I think, for one organ, and more especially the Executive, which holds all the physical powers, to put up itself in sabotage or deliberate contempt of the other is to stage an executive subversion of the Constitution it is to uphold. Executive lawlessness tantamount to a deliberate violation of the Constitution. When the Executive is the Military Government which blends both the Executive and the Legislative together and which permits the Judiciary to co-exist with it in the administration of the country, then it is more serious than imagined. By virtue of the Constitution (Suspension Modification) Decree 1984 No. 1 a good number of the provisions of the Constitution were suspended. Indeed, what was left was what had been permitted by the Federal Military Government to exist. All the provisions relating to the Judiciary were saved. Section 6 of the Constitution, the most important provision, in so far as the institution known as the Judiciary is concerned, which vests in courts the judicial powers of the Federation was left extant. The Military Government had the power and still has to put an end to the existence of that provision, It has not done so, and that must have been advisedly for it does intend that the rule of law should pervade. It is the clearest indication against rule by Tyranny, by sheer force of arms against a presumption subjecting the nation to the rule of might as against rule of right. That being the case, it behoves of every organ of the Military Government to make it clear at all times, albeit as the presumption is always that of rule by might of the military, to assume a perennial onus of demonstrating a rebuttal of this onus. With the contempt of the Court of Appeal by the Applicants still subsisting, it would he inequitable for this Court to give a consideration to the application of the Applicants. Let the Lagos State Government purge itself of this serious contempt, of this apparent violation of the Constitution even as amended by Decree No. 1 of 1984 before coming to seek the favour of the Court. ------------------- When will Buhari purge himself of contempt of the court?

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