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Introducing The 4-H Pledge to Nigerian youth

Nigerian youth strongly desire a new pledge to live useful life to the Nigerian nation. Every youth should shun indulgence in cultism and  hard drugs. Nowadays Nigerian youth have detailed from the main track of cosmic evolution. Our youth have gone astray. Education was supposed to refine the intellect. But today our youth have converted these noble seat of intellectual endeavour into arenas of hard living social whirl. Cultism has become the order of the day among Nigerian youths. Reversal in the train is strongly desired. It is my strong belief that the present government will do everything under its power to effect a reversal to this dangerous train. Buhari owes this nation the divine responsibility to ensure this land is safe for all. Our youths should rather resolve to; Pledge their HEADS to clearer thinking; Their HEARTS to greater loyalty; Their HANDS to larger service and their HEALTH to better living for their community, the country and the world. “May heavens rich blessing come down on he who will help heal this open love of our Nation" Amen ..      
By Akanimoh Ikpe Jr

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