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Leonardo DiCaprio wins his first SAG award (photos

Leonardo DiCaprio wins his first
SAG award (photos)
After five Individual nominations, the actor finally
got his hands on a SAG award. He picked up the
gong for best male actor for his role in The
Revenant. He had been up against Eddie Redmayne
(The Danish Girl), Michael Fassbender (Steve Jobs),
Bryan Cranston (Trumbo), and Johnny Depp (Black
Mass). During his acceptance speech, Leo said:
'I'm truly humbled by this because it comes
from all of you, my fellow actors. Thank you
from the bottom of my heart. When I was 15
years old, I was lucky enough to get a film
called This Boy's Life and for about a year
after that I watched as many films as I
possibly could from Jimmy Cagney all the
way to Robert De Niro. It gave me such a
tremendous respect for this craft, this craft of
acting. I was in awe of their performances,
and I was incredibly inspired. So for any
young actors out there, I encourage you to
watch the history of cinema because as the
history of cinema unfolds, you realize that
we all stand on the shoulders of giants.'
'To my parents, thank you for listening to an
overly ambitious, slightly annoying 13-year-
old kid who wanted to go on auditions every
day after school,' he said. 'I would Notin be
standing here without you.'
First to congratulate him on his win was Titanic
co-star, Kate Winslet who smouldered him in a big
bear hug. The pair have maintained a close bond
since they starred in the 1997 hit movie.
He'll hope his winning streak carries him all the
way to an Oscar, that's one he'll love to win and
deserves to win.

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