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Terrorism will not make us to Abandon our values said John Kerry

Terrorism Will Not Provoke Us To Abandon Our
Values – John Kerry
Channels Television.
Updated January 23, 2016
The United States Secretary of State, John Kerry,
has urged the global community to continue to
defy extremists attempts to use religious division
as a tool for terrorism.
Addressing a gathering at the World Economic
Forum on Friday, Mr Kerry stressed the need for
people and nations to come together and defeat the
terrorists whom he said were trying to drive
people apart.
Coalition To Counter ISIS
He spoke of how people around the world had
defied extremists’ attempts to exploit religious
divisions, commending efforts by nations, groups,
religious bodies and individuals to promote
religious unity.
“Governments in Niger and Chad are helping
Nigeria to fight Boko Haram. The African Union is
coordinating with Somalia to oppose al-Shabaab
and the international coalition to counter Daesh
[ISIS] now has 65 members and is making steady
gains. That coalition is something that the world
has not seen before. Its members are drawn from
every corner of the globe and they are engaging
along multiple lines of efforts.
“Some are training and equipping Iraqi Armed
Forces, some are blocking Daeshes money, some
are countering terrorist propaganda… All are trying
to stop the recruitment of foreign fighters and
much of the leadership within the coalition has
come from the Arab states because no one knows
better than them.
“The truth is that for every act of terrorism, there
are multitude of efforts to promote inter-religious
prospect imperialism.
“In Kenya, an organisation called Sisters Without
Borders, is striving to prevent radicalisation of
young people in the Central African Republic.
“In Nigeria, Christian and Muslim leaders have
joined ranks to ease sectarian tensions.
“In Norway, more than a thousand Muslims formed
a human chain around the synagogue to condemn
extremists’ threats against Jews.
“In London, orthodox Jews formed street patrols to
shield Muslim neighbours from hit grounds,” the
US Secretary of State said.
Resistant To Intimidation
He further pointed out that from country after
country, citizens of all backgrounds have
responded to deadly attacks by showing resistant
to intimidation.
“We will not be split apart and we will not be
provoked into abandoning our values.
“We must win the campaign against extremism.
“We should neither resign ourselves to a world
where today’s violence and conflict are seen as the
new normal nor over-react and “define our
adversaries so broadly” that our actions backfire,”
he stressed.
He also called for an end to the war in Syria,
saying that “nothing would do more to terminate
Daesh [ISIS] than an end to the war in Syria.
We’ve taken important first steps. Ending the war
was a priority for every government in the region,
no matter how much they disagreed”.

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