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Army drone hit boko haram

WATCH VIDEO: Nigerian Air Force
drone hits Boko Haram’s base in
Sambisa killing many terrorists
Boko Haram terrorists yesterday suffered massive
losses after an Air Force drone hit their base near
Sambisa Forest, killing many and destroying
equipment, according to the military.
Watch video below...
Also yesterday, two would-be suicide bombers
were stopped by troops from entering Maiduguri,
the Borno State capital.
Explaining how the sect’s members were hit,
Director of Public Relations and Information of the
Nigerian Air Force, Group Captain Ayodele
Famuyiwa, said in a statement:
“The Nigerian Air Force Unmanned Combat Aerial
Vehicle (UAV) has destroyed a logistics base used
by members of the Boko Haram Terrorists (BHT)
“The UAV was on intelligence, surveillance and
reconnaissance (ISR) mission when it came across
the gathering of BHTs at Garin Moloma, about one
kilometre north of the Sambisa Forest.
“At the time of the UAV attack, the location, though
under surveillance for quite a while, had a large
gathering of BHTs and vehicles.
“The multiple explosions and huge fire ball from
the location strongly suggests that it may be either
an ammunition/fuel storage or weapons/technical
“This strike is thus a major setback for the Boko
Haram sect, and a major plus for the fight against
insurgency by own troops.”
The military averted a suicide attack on Maiduguri
when troops intercepted two bombers before they
could enter the city, home to over two million
people, many of them Internally Displaced Persons
(IDPs) fleeing attacks and insecurity.
Residents said two suicide bombers made
desperate efforts to enter the city through the
outskirts but were gunned down.
Media Coordinator of Operation Lafiya Dole Col
Mustapha Ankas said the bombers were
intercepted by military troops at Muna Dalti.
“Troops intercepted two suicide bombers trying to
infiltrate Maiduguri through Muna Dalti 100 meters
ahead of our troops and CJTF checkpoint. The
suicide bombers were halted but refused to stop.
In the process, the bombers blew themselves up,”
Ankas told reporters.
He added that there was no casualty other than the
two bombers. He said the area had been cordoned
off, adding: “Aggressive search is going on in the
general area.”
Col. Ankas said troops of 112 Battalion and AHQ
Special Group conducted fighting patrols along
Gardawaji, Adashe, Mijigine, Manawci, Sigafariya
Bula Goma, Mafa, Dikwa and Kala Balge in the
central part of the state where 56 Boko Haram
insurgents were killed.
According to him, items recovered from the
insurgents include: Eight AK-47 rifles, three RPG,
seven tubes, one GPMG, one MPGP, one-60mm
mortar, one grenade, three motor bombs and 18
Col. Ankas said vehicles were also destroyed and
520 hostages were rescued and brought to an IDP
Camp in Dikwa.
He reassured the people that the military was
determined to safeguard their lives and property,
adding that the heat on the insurgents was forcing
them to resort to using suicide bombers.
Col. Ankas urged the people to be vigilant always.
The sect struck at the weekend killing no fewer
than 85 people in a night attack at Dalori, a
farming community 12 kilometres to Maiduguri.
The terrorists reportedly arrived the village in a
convoy of Golf Volkswagen vehicles and
motorcycles laden with explosives and petro-
bombs and attacked the village, killing the
villagers, set fire to houses and fled towards Alau
Col. Anka in a statement said: “The insurgents
came in Golf cars, motorcycles and started
opening fire and burning houses. Their motives
were to cause rancor and penetrate crowd with
suicide bombers.

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