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Lara oshiomhole describes divorce rumours as fault

Iara Oshiomhole describes divorce
rumours as "warped imagination of
the purveyors of lies"
A few online platforms published a report this
week claiming Adams Oshiomhole's new wife Iara
Oshiomhole had filed for divorce after complaining
that he was too fetish. This report has been
rubbished in a statement released today. Iara's
spokesperson described the report "as warped
imagination of the purveyors of lies" insisting that
Iara had no reason to leave her husband as their
marriage is strong.
The press statement which was issued by
Executive Director, Media and Public Affairs,
Governor’s Office, John Mayaki, states that the Edo
First Lady has been busy holding meetings &
brainstorming on how to better the lots of the less-
privileged Women and Children in the state through
her pet project.
"The rumour mongers are well advised to
find more productive engagements to deploy
their energies rather than market inanities
about public personalities all in their bid to
sell their medium. Which Court of Law was
the alleged divorce initiated and to whom
was it served? Which country, state,
municipal or county, if any, is the Court
situated? And when was the action/suit
filed? Of course the writers didn’t bother to
inform their readers. The truth however is
that the answers only exist in the warped
imagination of the purveyors of the lies" the
statement read...

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