Way 6 To make money online

Way No 6 - Create Wordpress Themes What is Wordpress? Wordpress is the easiest and the most powerful blogging and website content management system. Suitable For - Creative web designers and coders. Skills Required - Ability to understand the basics of Wordpress theme creation and write HTML and CSS codes. Time Required For Creating A Wordpress Theme - Completely depends on the expertise of the developer. Tips - 1. Research about which Wordpress themes are selling most in the market. Create themes similar to the ones that are already selling and has existing buyer market. 2. If you are targeting a specific market such as Photography, understand the needs of the webmasters in that domain are. Are they facing problems with the current themes available in the market? Do they have more expectations? Research a lot before creating new theme architecture and designs. 3. Create the designs that will cater the market demand. How To Monetize - There are many ways to sell your Wordpress Themes. Mentioning few 1. If you have developed a collection of Wordpress themes then you can start your own website, promote it and sell the themes on your own. 2. You can sell your themes on 3 biggest online marketplaces for Wordpress themes. Themeforest.net Codecanyon.net Mojo-themes.com 3. If you choose to sell your themes from the above-mentioned marketplaces then you will have to pay them 50% commission on every sale. But the advantage is your theme will reach millions of users within few hours and you can start earning money as they purchase your theme.


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