Lawyer Inibehe Effiong Confirmed He Almost Got Kill Today

He Said
Fellow Nigerians,
My life has never been more threatened than now. Over the last few years, I have been receiving open and private threats to my life from people who feel that they own Akwa Ibom State and that the rest of us are their SLAVES but I have been treating the threats with kid gloves until what happened today.

Recently, the threats have become increasingly difficult to ignore. Only a foolish person who was alive during the reign of Godswill Akpabio as the governor of Akwa Ibom State will take the sort of threats and information that I have received lately and still pretend that nothing can happen.

Who does not know that political opponents and critics were killed, kidnapped and haunted when Akpabio was in the saddle as governor? Who does not know that there was a killer squared in Akwa Ibom State? Who does not know that cultism became the unofficial Fouth Arm of Government in that bloody era?
This report by Sahara Reporters only confirms the threats and frightening information that I have received lately.
Today, they gathered again and arrogantly plotted my death. They boasted that if "important" people have been killed in Akwa Ibom State who is this "small boy"?
My family has been harassed for so long. Too many people have asked my family to caution me otherwise they risk losing me. My immediate family is currently under immense anxiety for my life following the latest information they received today from an informant about the imminent plot to assassinate me. I am tired of people warning my family over my public interest cases, activities and statements.
Who do you report to in this kind of situation when the security agencies have been compromised?
Anyone who thinks that this is false alarm is sick in the head. People who were not as outspoken and daring as I am on the issue of corruption in Akwa Ibom State have been killed in the past.
If anything happens to me, Nigerians should know where it is coming from and those to hold responsible.

I no longer feel safe in my country. My family is not safe either.
But I refused to be silenced.


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