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Learn More About Twinkas Security Guide.

Read every bit of the Information here. We will not attend to anyone who goes against any written text here. 

This is to remind you that TwinKAS is an online financial platform that enables one to donate and receive money. Intermittently, we have received several complains about personal account being confiscated by an unknown person. In regards of this, we shutdown our site trying to rectified the accounts but impatiently, most of you condemned TwinKAS of constant break in transmission.

We have flagged several notices about safeguarding your account but all to no avail. Most people are afraid of reading text. Its either they cannot read text at all or they don’t find pleasure reading text but only know how to drop complains and ask when you will be paid. How safe is your account? What if you have paid and your account is compromised? All the blame falls on Twinkas.

Twinkas Has Stopped Sending SMS's and Email!. Do not click on any link telling you to remove or activate someone. Always check that you are logged in to We delibrately shut down the package server because of this threat. We do not want you to get a wrong Sponsor.

However, we have detected hackers who swiftly gained access to about 50 different accounts under Ultimate Platform through socio-engineering attack by sending SMS about resetting password and others. To be more precise, the activity originated from Anambra State, Nigeria . 
You may not be affected by this hack but those affected are pleading to us to help them get back their accounts because of their careless Mistakes. Let’s follow our conscience so that we can move at the same pace. We are siblings because we all Twink.

Details of some suspected hackers are:

Nwokoye Augustine - 08039441731 - Zenith Bank - 2080885834: Hacked a Police Officers Account
Adebayo Kalu - 09022148770 - Keystone Bank - 0276189754: Hacked a Pastors Account

Note that the Hacking Activites are not from Twinkas. Hacking Twinkas is very difficult if not Impossible. Hacking issues are from you and you alone. Our Twinkers are too loose with their accounts. We did not allow you get a sponsor because some of our users visited Cyber Cafes without logging out! Some others saved their passwords on the browser for others (Fraudsters) to access.

These are some security guides you should follow:1. Logout after transactions. Do not stay logged when you are done with your activities. You are exposing your account and killing our bandwidth. Learn to use the log out button.2. Do not give your username, email or password to anyone to log in and check anything for you. Register on a Cyber Cafe yourself.3. Do not save your password on any device. Even on your mobile phones. Anyone can access your account if they gain access to this devices4. Always copy and hide your confirmation/activation codes. Treat it like your ATM pins. It’s for your own security.5. Use real and correct emails. You will able to reset your password when there is a problem. Creating a Gmail account will take you not more than 10 minutes.

Banking details will be made un-editable from 16th January 2017. In addition, you can use the same mobile number 1 for all your accounts but it will be made un-editable also. All this things are to make your accounts safer. Instead of complaining when we go on breaks like this, be thankful because all we are doing is for your money and safety.

What will be new on Twinkas?

1. A page "Switch Account" has been created for Sponsors that cannot see their referrals and referrals that cannot see their sponsor after activation. If you were in a package before and you couldn’t activate your down lines due to error, you can switch to that package and activate them now and then switch back after you are done. We added more Flexibility. Cases of expunge may not be fixed in this new Menu. All expunged cases will be treated one after the other. Please be patient.

2. The auto delete program will be affective for referrals that do not meet up with the 24 hours interval. Action will be taken on Sponsors that fails to activate their down lines. Their subsequent accounts on Twinkas will be confiscated. To that effect, we will reveal all activation codes again for the last time on Twinkas.

3. Some Whatsapp groups will be uploaded on the website for participants to join. This will help strengthen the Network.

4. We no longer pay based on the time you were activated. We randomize 50 sponsors within activated time and space and assign referrals. Don’t push your sponsor to making wrong activations. You might get one referral now and get the other in 2 hours 

5. Complaints will be opened again for users but this time, as tiny Tickets. You should be able to lay complaints directly on Twinkas. Please note that the following complaint will not be treated or entertained and accounts will be apprehended if the need arises.
My sponsor has refused to activate my account. That is between you and sponsor. Not Twinkas. If you do not like your sponsor, wait for 21 hours and get removed from the sponsor.When will I be paid or merged?. Twinkas said on or before 21 days. So wait till then.My down lines have refused to pay me.. They will be deleted with the auto delete program effective as soon as you can log in again.I can’t join a package.. Wait for it to be opened. The server controlling this package may be busy at that current moment.Will I get the 300% bonus if I register now?. The bonus is for EARNERS and not those DONATING. If you will earn on the Classic (N5, 000) before 15th January 2017, you are eligible for the 300%, else you are not eligible. Stop confusing yourselves.
If you don’t have access to your account, send a mail to with the following details: 
Your username, your email, your activation pin and an estimated date of registration. We do not know how many persons have been affected. 
Remember one thing. You cannot lose your money on Twinkas. You should not cheat Twinkas because it is for charity. We have the log of over matched participants. Try to make refunds. Send an email to

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